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HORNET 33 - Memoir of a Combat Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam

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An account of events experienced by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Helicopter Pilot Ed Denny of the 116th Assault Helicopter Company, radio call-sign 'Hornet 33', during his year of flying with the Hornets in the Vietnam War, March 28, 1970 until March 28, 1971.  The 116th AHC Hornets had been flying in combat since 1965 and fought in all four Corps of South Vietnam, plus the U.S. Army's Invasion of Cambodia in the Spring of 1970 and later the South Vietnamese Army's Invasion of Laos in January to March 1971, called Lam Son 719.  Staging at the Khe Sanh Firebase near the DMZ and the Laotian border, the Hornets were the lead flight of the largest Helicopter Attack Armada ever assembled in the Vietnam War for the Assault on LZ Hope and the town of Tchepone 30 minutes flight distance inside Laos to sever the Ho Chi Minh Trail, take control of it, and close it down to impede the re-supply of North Vietnamese Army forces in South Vietnam.  This is a book of near-death experiences, a book of being washed in the blood of combat and shooting NVA soldiers coming through the doorway of your Helicopter rather than have your aircraft overwhelmed by a mob and your Crew captured and killed by crazed machete-wielding enemy soldiers . 

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​​"An important addition to the body of written History about what happened in the battle in Laos for control of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the catastrophic eventual complete defeat of the outnumbered South Vietnamese Army forces."

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